We provide the following:

Nursing Services can assist you and your family by completing physical exam assessments, wound care with dressing changes, incontinence care, injections, colostomy care, lab draws, and patient and family teaching. We keep client, family, and physician informed of progress.

Physical Therapy Services can help with pain relief issues, restore maximum function and independence through a home exercise program and customized treament modalities. 

Occupational Therapy Services can instruct on adapting daily routines and surrondings for more independent living. Teaching in self-care and homemaking tasks is also accomplished through occupational therapy.

Speech Therapy Services assist with problems with pronunciation swallowing, or hearing that can sometimes result from chronic long term disease processes or injury.

Medical Social Worker Services focus on help for the personal, family, and financial problems that may develop as a result of you or your loved one's disability.

Certified Nursing Assistant Services are desiged to supplement the care provided by our Nurses by helping with daily needs. Assistance with personal care: bathing, shampooing, and changing linens is a common example.

Each client is unique and therefore a in-home evaluation should be completed and discussed with the physician to decide which services and frequency might be needed for each individual case.

The following payer sources are accepted:

Colorado Medicaid
Long Term Care Insurance
Private Pay

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